Campus Kortrijk  

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Campus Brugge en Oostende
Xaverianenstraat 8
8200 Sint-Michiels Brugge
+32 50 30 52 90

Campus Kortrijk, Roeselare, Torhout
Doorniksesteenweg 145
8500 Kortrijk
+32 56 26 41 84

STUVO during the lockdown

STUVO has reopened its doors, but we would suggest a phone call before you drop by:

campus Brugge | Oostende 050 30 52 90

campus Kortrijk | Roeselare | Torhout 056 26 41 84

We also keep checking our mailbox ( regularly. We hope everything will return to normal soon.

Until then, here are some lockdown lifestyle tips that may help you get through this troubling time:


- Staying indoors all day can start weighing heavily after a while. If you feel like you need to talk to someone, our student counseling service is still available for a confidential conversation. You can e-mail one of our counselors to arrange a virtual meeting - you can find their contact details on the Student Counseling tab.

- The chatbox on is opened every day from 6 to 11 PM. You can go there for an anonymous chat to get things off your chest. Both students and non-students are welcome there.

- Take a look at this video about being mindful during this difficult time.

- Keep in touch with the people in your life, even if you can't meet them in the flesh for the time being! Now more than ever, take the time to talk at length on Whatsapp, Skype, the phone,... Maybe you will build an even stronger connection with each other!

- Are you keeping up with all the Corona news? It's good to stay informed, but if you notice that reading or hearing all the stories makes you feel anxious or scared, it may be a good idea to take a step back and focus on other things. Try to pay attention to all the things that bring you joy!

- Don't let social media stories mess with your mind; a lot of wrong information is shared on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. If you want complete and correct information, the best place to go is the official website. You can also call the info line between 8 AM and 8 PM: 0800 14 689.

- If you have one or more pets, spend more time with them! You don't need to practice social distancing with animals and they are an excellent way to combat loneliness and stress.


- The good news is that you don't have to stay in 24 hours a day - going outside for a walk, bicycle ride or jog is still permitted and even encouraged! But do it alone or only with people living under the same roof as you. If you see someone you know, keep your distance! Waving is not a bad way to say hello.

- On our Facebook-page, we regularly post a workout brought to you by our amazing BBB-coach Justine. It's not the same as working out with your fellow students next to you, but still good for your condition!

- If you want more, you can find plenty of workouts online, like this Zumba Youtube channel or Yoga with Adriene.

- Turn your house into a disco and dance to your favorite tunes! It's a great way to keep moving.


- This is the ideal time for finally taking care of your Netflix queue! Want some inspiration? VIVES-students told us about some of their favorite shows - they include Elite, You, Mr. Iglesias, Peaky Blinders, Locke & Key, Lost in Space, The 100, Mars, and of course classics like Friends and How I Met Your Mother.

- For fans of basketball: the NBA League Pass is totally free of charge right now! You can watch a ton of old games online.

- Play games! The app Houseparty enables you to do this online with your friends. During a lockdown, it's still fun to tease them when they're losing.

- On you can watch a selection of free documentaries on a host of different topics.

- There's a ton of interesting, funny, beautiful podcasts to be found online. For instance Mortified, a hilarious podcast in which adult Americans read from their teenage diaries.

- Or go old school and read a good book!

- The Van Eyck exhibition is sadly closed right now, but you can still take a long look at his work on the website Closer to Van Eyck. On you can look at beautiful art from the comfort of your couch.

Do you have any tips for movies, shows, games, books, podcasts to share with us? Let us know by e-mailing and we'll pass your ideas along!