Campus Kortrijk  

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Campus Brugge en Oostende
Xaverianenstraat 8
8200 Sint-Michiels Brugge
+32 50 30 52 90

Campus Kortrijk, Roeselare, Torhout
Doorniksesteenweg 145
8500 Kortrijk
+32 56 26 41 84

Study grant

The study grant is a financial contribution by the Flemish Government which you receive in order to pay for your studies. The right to a study grant is automatic if you are entitled to the grant rate for your tuition fee (see Tuition fee).

Because the law is more complicated than we can explain here, take a look at or for more information about the study grant.


Because the calculation and payment of the study grant takes some time, you can ask for an advance of up to half the value of the study grant. The advance will be paid into your account within a week of signing the contract, and will be deducted from the study grant payment later.

Warning! In some cases you may not quality for a study grant, but still be eligible for the reduced tuition fee. Find out more from STUVO's social service.


You can apply for a study grant yourself at If you need help with your application, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with us!