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Campus Brugge en Oostende
Xaverianenstraat 8
8200 Sint-Michiels Brugge
+32 50 30 52 90

Campus Kortrijk, Roeselare, Torhout
Doorniksesteenweg 145
8500 Kortrijk
+32 56 26 41 84

Student clubs


Club president: James Hots - CLUBCAFÉ DE KUPPE IN BRUGES

De Zwoane aims to offer Bruges’ students friendship, student activities and fun, by organising at least one weekly activity on Thursdays at student-friendly prices.

De Zwoane offers a broad range of activities, from beer bowling and traditional singing to sport and cultural activities and much more. Not forgetting the annual gala ball, held on 23 November this year!

De Zwoane can be relied on for fun and the occasional pint. So if you want to get the most out of your student life, don’t hesitate to drop in at the Clubcafé de Kuppe on Thursday evenings!

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Club president:


Sometimes you have to wind down from all the studying, so we’re here to provide some relaxation. The Studentenclub der Ambetanterikken offers a convivial evening after classes and does its very best to offer as many varied activities as possible. Our activities include the troelafuif, traditional singing or even a karaoke evening. Something for everyone!

In short: If you want an unforgettable student experience, we’ll welcome you with open arms.


Club president: Jasmien Verbruggen - CLUBCAFÉ THE PLACE IN BRUGES

Dear future Zwarte Kielen members,

Welcome to a new world: your first year in student digs, all those new faces, and best of all, more freedom than obligations. We, the Zwarte Kielen, understand you well. No one is looking for doom and gloom.So let us introduce ourselves: De Zwarte Kielen. The friendly club that’s always here to welcome you!

We’d like to have you on our dream team!Join us in the serious business of pub crawls, paintballing, playing pool, traditional singing, and partying. You’ll generally find us at our club café The Place, and we look forward to meeting you there.


Club president: Bert Degrande - HOTEL MANAGEMENT VIVES BRUGES

Sorhoma is a student association that supports the interests of hotel management students on the VIVES Bruges campus, and has consisted of a select group of enthusiastic, entrepreneurial and dynamic students since 1992. Sorhoma organises various informative and student-friendly activities that make life on and off the campus attractive. The star event is the annual colloquium organised for all students and lecturers in the department.


Club president: Baptiste Pattyn - KU LEUVEN BRUGES CAMPUS

Kring Brugge is the association for industrial, engineering and rehabilitation sciences students at the KU Leuven Bruges campus. Our enthusiastic team will do its best to make the academic year a successful one for every student. We provide a wide range of activities, such as tea dances, seminars, parties and information sessions. We also think it’s very important to represent our students in matters of education and student facilities.

If you have any comments, questions, ideas, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us at!