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Campus Brugge en Oostende
Xaverianenstraat 8
8200 Sint-Michiels Brugge
+32 50 30 52 90

Campus Kortrijk, Roeselare, Torhout
Doorniksesteenweg 145
8500 Kortrijk
+32 56 26 41 84


18/01/2023 13:00
tot 18/01/2023 16:00
Europacollege, Dijver 11, Brugge, België


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#WeIntervene is Sensoa’s new campaign with more information about active bystanders in situations of sexually transgressive behavior.
Based on this campaign, Pimento worked out an workshop to encourage bystanders to respond in situations of sexually transgressive behavior.

Brugge Studentenstad wants to open the dialogue of ‘transgressive behavior’ and wants to make sexual harassment negotiable and thereby give the signal that such behavior is unacceptable.
During this workshop the following questions will be discussed:

– Resilience: what is it?
– What is fine, non-bordering sexual behavior? What is sexually transgressive behavior?
– How do you recognize your own boundary and that of others? How do you deal with this?
– How can you react as an active bystander, using the 5 A’s?
– Practicing (your own) situations: how can you respond to them as bystander?

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